Managing Consulting Service Industry (MCSI) – Mr Clean and Star Clean are pioneers and leaders in the managed service industry since the late sixties. After gaining several years of experience and professional recognition in Toronto Canada, Mr. J. Degiorgio founded one of the first cleaning services on the island; initially, the operations ran under the name of Mr Clean Window Cleaners Limited, which was registered as a limited liability company in 1974. Two decades later in 1994 the name, together with the branding was changed to MCCS Company Limited and Mr Clean began to operate as a brand name and franchise. MCSI is the latest branding taking place in 2017

Mr. J. Degiorgio and his sons Paul, Jason, Chris, and his daughter Josianne, the directors were certified by the British Institute of Cleaning Science in the UK, and have been working and specialising in the field of Hygiene, Chemicals, Food and Waste Management and other different sectors to include but not limited to Property and Retail Investments, each focusing in specific areas of their expertise. Lately, with fresh investment, MCCS has been renamed to MCIS

MCSI through Mr Clean offers cleaning and consultancy services to Medical, Clinical, Commercial, Retail, Residential, Airports, Industrial and historic conservation, customers in the Middle East and the Gulf States. We are leaders in the specialised area of Bacteria and Germs Cleansing Services. We don’t move germs around we destroy them. This is achieved using:
Waterless Microfiber Colour Coding Cleaning System™

Cleanliness means more than just tidy and dust free; at Mr Clean we maintain, clean and provide a safe environment. The type of cleaning makes a statement to your customers, patients and visitors about the attitudes of your staff, managers and senior members of staff and your business. It reflects attention to detail, the level of care and the way the establishment is organized and run.


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