247 Contract Services


Property Building & Grounds Maintenance

At 247 Contact Services, we can provide first and second level support services. The third level is considered to be the manufacturing level of support and 247 Contact Services will contract out maintenance agreements for this level in cases of equipment is critical to the operations of the objective

Some of these soft services are;
• Maintenance of electrical, mechanical, plumbing system, boilers, sliding doors, exterior, interior.
• Outside cleaning, and landscaping services.
• Common Area Maintenance Reconciliations.
• Monthly and quarterly site inspection and reports of all common elements.
• When needed, supervise outside contractor performance and report same to the owner.
• Formulate and periodically review a long-term Capital Improvement and Replacement Schedule.
• Implement a preventive maintenance program.
• Recruit, train, and supervise on-site personnel, including the development of job descriptions.
• Work schedules for all staff.
• Waste Management.


Property Facilities Maintenance and Operations Management
• Facilities Maintenance Work Management.
• 24/7 service call centre.
• Service level agreements.
• Master Service Level
• KPI (key performance indicators
• Provide a twenty-four (24) hour Emergency
Service Response Service (ERS)


Security Services is responsible for providing a safe environment for the Customer. More information on these services is available on request. Another of our sister companies within the group can provide the resources whilst all coordination and management will be handled by 247 Contact Services

Some of the services we offer are:
• Crime prevention and reporting
• Security alert list
• Escort services
• Security shuttle bus
• Victim support
• Briefings