Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

MCSI is committed to CSR and sustainability. Through our work with CSR and sustainability, we enable our customers to get the most out of their processes and products, using the least possible energy and resources, in the most responsible way. We thereby address the global challenges of sustainability as well as the principles of corporate social responsibility’.

At MCSI we operate in a complex international business environment, with both cultural, political, and legal challenges. Our foundation is our values and our heritage: The MCSI Spirit.

To ensure that we act responsibly, ethically and in compliance with laws and regulations at all times, we have the MCSI Code of Conduct, a document that guides our business behavior, upholding the high standards the company was founded on and reminds us of the importance of what we do, but also how we do it. To be “a great place to work and have worked” is a central element of the MCSI Spirit, and to us, this includes ensuring that our employees enjoy basic human rights. In addition, our CSR & sustainability policy acknowledges our responsibility not to cause or contribute to advere human rights impacts.

Sustainable working environment
As a global company with more than 500 employees in 3 countries, ensuring the health and safety of  MCSI’s employees are of highest concern and we continuously work to make MCSI an even safer place to work.

Ownership of hazards
MCSI’s Health and Safety Policy covers all employees at all our locations as well as our traveling employees. In the policy, we commit ourselves to constantly improve our safety culture.

An essential element of the Health and Safety Policy is the assignment of ownership to a hazard. Should any of our employees become aware of a hazard, that person owns it, in the sense that the individual is obliged to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to address the issue. This also serves as a reminder that safety is our collective responsibility.

Well spotted
All of MCSI’s facilities have health and safety systems to ensure continuous improvement and mitigation of hazards. We implement numerous local health and safety initiatives every year on this basis.

Keeping safety top of mind is crucial to maintaining and developing our global safety culture. Therefore, safety is always the first topic on the agenda at all senior management meetings.

Policy commitment
In 2010, Topsoe published its first Environmental Policy, supplementing our local environmental policies. The policy outlines our commitment to reduce our own and our customers’ impact on the environment. In the policy, we commit to using fewer resources, less energy, and set objectives for continuous environmental improvement.

Sustainable products and solutions
We see it as our responsibility to enable our customers to meet higher emission standards without jeopardising operating economy – a challenge which has led our customers in the refinery industry to look for new ways of dealing with sulphurous gasses.

Local community commitment
A thriving local community is to the benefit of all, including MCSI. We believe that it is our responsibility to make a positive impact on the local communities we operate in, and we continuously explore opportunities to participate in relevant development projects. Our primary focus is to improve conditions for poor children while MCSI also shares our passion for science and knowledge by supporting learning institutions and individuals.

It is a long-standing tradition in MCSI to contribute to local growth and progress through donations. Our founder, J. Degiorgio, personally engaged in several charity projects in communities where he did business and the need was obvious. Today, we continue donating to charities in his spirit.