Type of Services Offered

Also known as Mr. Clean,  by our brand, we are pioneers and leaders in the managed service industry since the late sixties.

We Offer among many other things;

Facility Management









  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Maid Service (Home And Office)
  • Solar Panels & Water-Tank Cleaning
  • Soat & Yachts Cleaning
  • Health Care & Retirement Home Cleaning
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Commercial & Retail Outlet Cleaning
  • Industrial & Factory Cleaning
  • First Time After Construction Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Gardening, Landscaping & Non-Slip
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Industrial Commercial Offices
  • Clubs
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centres
  • Major Retail
  • Television Stations
  • Consultancy Services
  • Government
  • Event Cleaning
  • Airport Cleaning

Maintenance – 24 by 7 Maintenance Services

  • Electricity,
  • Plumbing,
  • AC Servicing,
  • Tiling
  • Gypsum board Installation
  • Painting, etc
  • Satellite Systems Servicing
  • Anti Slip & Non Slip Application & Services

Waste Management

  • clinical and related wastes (pathological)
  • Skips cleaning service,
  • sanitary/hygiene bins,
  • general garbage removal

Anti Slip Solutions

  • Tiles
  • Paint
  • Tape


CarWash Centre

  • Car-Wash & Detailing Services

Anti Bacteria, Sanitation and Disinfectence

  • Infection Control Measures
  • Touchless Disinfection Services
  • Pest Control


At MCSI through our Franchise Mr. Clean we care about in-depth cleaning for the prevention and control of infection and bacteria; to safeguard your investment, your employees and your customer and /or patient. Our innovative Waterless Microfiber Colour Coding Cleaning System™ benefits from a structure and deployment of a system to sanitize, disinfect, decontaminate while cleaning. No other system matches this technology. This system together with SANONDAF is successfully used and has proven to be the only solution in the fight for a true clean environment. SANONDAF Solution is a simple answer to destroying 99.999% of harmful bacteria, viruses, funghi, moulds, and yeast, in fact, any microorganism susceptible to H202 ( Hydrogen Peroxide) and Silver. We have a number of case studies that prove the efficacy of our technology against Staphylococcus (including MRSA). Enterococcus (Including and not limited to VRE), H5N1, H1N1, LEGIONELLA, ASPERGILLUS NIGER, CANDIDA ALBICANS and many other types of microorganisms. The product we use is manufactured in the USA and Switzerland under ISO 9001 compliance; and further expansions are planned in Far East, Middle East, and South America.

We also provide services for:

Office and Industrial areas …
– sweeping, and polishing floors
– Vacuum & Dust
– Lights & baseboards
– Common Area Cleaning
– Remove trash & debris
– Sanitize restrooms & break rooms
– Clean or organize desks
– cleaning ceiling fans, roses and venetian blinds
– deep Kitchen and bathroom clean

Construction Cleaning Service…
– Drywall dust removal
– Clean windows
– Woodwork detailing
– Caulk cleaning/removal
– Light debris removal
– spot cleaning glass, removing cobwebs, stripping and sealing floors, dusting
– Garbage collection and assisting with recycling of paper, cardboard, and aluminum


Real Estate Cleaning Service (Including open house and staging cleaning)

An Open House Cleaning is an important tool for gaining new clients and showing your home to the local market. Having a potential buyer or sellers walk through your home and see clean is the best way to ensure a sale. As the Real Estate Agent or seller you want your home at it’s best, to show well and to be super clean to ensure a quick sale.

Our reliable and professional maid staff are very familiar with all the needs of property owners and can provide you with great rate along with a professional cleaning service. Our team of rental property cleaning specialist will come in after your renters have left and clean your rentals from top to bottom. We know that to ensure a quick turnover your property must be promptly cleaned and looking good for prospective renters

Quality Move in and Move out cleaning services.

We have flexible schedules to meet your scheduling needs and will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. If you need your condo, apartment, or home cleaned after moving out or prior to moving in contact us for a free quote.

Special Event Cleaning Service

Mr Clean, cleaning service offers special event cleaning services in Qatar. If you’re planning a special event such as:

  •  Birthday Party
  • Anniversary
  • Barmitsfa
  • Wedding
  • Family Reunion
  • or any other one-time special event.

Here’s a sample of what we can also do for you! For Domestic and Home…

  • Occasional or One-Time Cleaning
  • Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday Cleaning
  • After Holiday and Party Cleaning
  • Birthdays, Anniversary, Weddings,
  • Christmas, New Years, and Other Parties
  • Clean sinks, countertops, & appliances
  • Keep your kitchen healthy & happy
  • Appliance Cleaning
  • Polishing of Furniture
  • Inside / Outside Refrigerator
  • Ovens, Microwaves, Toaster Oven’s, Stoves
  • Make bathroom fixtures shine
  • Dust plus Vacuum living and sleeping areas
  • We hand-wash all hardwood and tile floors

More… Just ask us!
Other Cleaning Services….

  • clinical and related wastes (pathological)
  • cleaning service,
  • sanitary/hygiene bins,
  • general garbage removal,
  • window cleaning,
  • Airport Cleaning
  • Pest control.
  • cleaning windows (using a cherry picker),
  • cleaning the halls , f residence, training kitchens, piggery, motel and dining hall,
  • setting up rooms for exams, short courses, and graduations,
  • Handling furniture removals.
  • Waste Management

Mr Clean has been involved in the cleaning industry since the late sixties and during this period we have established ourselves as a company that shares responsibilities with its clients and shows high integrity within the industry.

Our company Mr Clean Cleaning Consultancy Services was established in May 2011 in Qatar and further expanded into the Bahrain market 2012. It is a commitment of Mr Clean cleaning to provide personalized service to clients to ensure specified services are carried out and provided, quality standards are maintained and business relationships established that are beneficial to both parties.

Our Difference is in the method and system we use
Get in touch let us explain more in detail in a method statement and 49 point KPI procedure